Friday, July 20, 2012

Erotic Story #3: The Play Date

I happen to live within a very unique reality. I am in and have been in an “open” relationship for the past 4 years. By that, I mean open on my end. I don’t allow my woman to be out there and led to her own devices. Before ya’ll get on me for not being fair or being a typical, male, One Way Street….. it was her idea and not mine. I have a very high sex drive and she discovered within herself that she found it Hot that I could give a woman exactly what she needed/ wanted……and then take it away from her. Twisted, yes.. But at the same time the sense of control drives her into a sexual frenzy. Here is the true story of such an encounter.

Tori started it off during a casual conversation while watching TV one NorthEast winter night. Whenever she starts out with… “I have a random question for you”.. I know something interesting is around the corner. She goes on to ask if I ever think about being with or fucking other women. My honest answer is “yes”, but not a priority and I’m OK with keeping that as a fantasy. So she goes on to suggest that maybe I should work on that….and don’t sit on it….hook it up soon before my thoughts change.

I had a few calls, emails or IM’s that I could make in pretty short order, but she wanted someone new. So the search began. Within a few days of trolling on an adult dating site I started chatting up a a very pretty, large breasted, 32 y/o originally from Barbados, now living in Boston. She was still married, but estranged from her husband. They had been separated for about 17 months but neither one was willing to “pull the trigger”. We get straight to the point and there’s NO doubt that a crazy sexual night is on the schedule. She was kinda putty in my hands I knew all the marks to hit in order to make this work out. There is mutual interest on both parts and we set up a date.

I set up a nice dinner in Boston’s Back Bay section and a hotel room at the Park Plaza Hotel across the street. The dinner goes well and I plied her with some red wine and an excellent meal. Personally, I go back and forth in my mind which women (in general) prefer more…..great sex or a good meal….and my conclusion is…it’s a coin flip…lol. Once in the lobby elevator

At this point, she’s kinda done playing around. She declines my option of going to another place and suggests…” We should just go next door and get comfortable. Who am I to slow the momentum? Once in the lobby elevator, she attacked me. She drove her long pink tongue into my mouth. Grabbing me by the ass and pressing my stiffening cock into her crotch. She grabbed my wrist and put it on her perfect 36” DD’s. When the elevator opens on the 10th floor she leads me by my belt to our room. The door slams behind us and as we’re lip-locked she’s undressing both herself and me. Once naked, she drops to her knees and tells me to “get ready for what Island Girls are known for”. Her tongue must have been 6” long….the type that can deep throat and lick your balls at the same time…..NO gag reflex. After she got all 8” of me to unfold I had to return the favor… She hadn’t been paid attention to properly in a year & a half. Time to get her off. I started off gentle and then got down to business. Licking, sucking, spitting on her clit. I glided two fingers into her pussy, curling up to hit her G-Spot and a smaller finger in her ass. I slowly built up the pace, then quicker until she flooded my mouth with her cum. After savoring her taste I came up for a kiss….which she clearly LOVED the taste of her own cum.

While kissing she reached down, grabbed my thick, white cock and I gently slid it into her wet black pussy. We worked in unison as we changed positions without slipping out. She wasn’t climbing off that cock no matter what. Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl and then her hanging off the bed while I pile-drove her. It was everything she had been wanting… Single Mom…..home alone… now getting the shit fucked out of her as a “Fuck You” to her ass-hole husband who was off doing his own thing and shoving it in her face. Finally, after 40 minutes of raw fucking, I exploded stream after stream of hot, white cum on her HUGE black titties. 
 She rubbed it in to her skin, licked her fingers and then to get every last drop….sucked my still hard cock.

A little conversation, some laughs and a few more glasses of wine were enough. She was going to get hers again. We did it on the bed, in the shower, the bathroom and even pressed her up against the window of the downtown Boston skyline for all to see… Her step out moment. She was so into it she asked me to enter her ass for the first time ever….”Just be gentle with me” I came so hard in her ass and she orgasmed with such strength, her legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor.

Then “The Call” came on my cell phone…. It’s my girlfriend.
Her: “what’s going on?”
Me: “not much”
Her: “I want to see you …..NOW”
Me: “I’m kinda busy”
Her: “Get your ass in the truck and come fuck me….now!! Or I’ll find someone that will…. You got 2 hours”
And she hangs up. Granted I’m in Boston and she’s in Hartford, CT.

I make up a bullshit excuse about getting called into a fire/ flood job at work. Plans for the rest of the night and tomorrow will have to wait…. “I gotta go”

She declines my invite to stay the night at the 4-star hotel and cries on the elevator ride down to the lobby. I drive 2 hours back…. I open the door and my GF is naked on the couch. She instructs me to pull down my pants. She asks if I made her cum…my answer is ”yes, many times”. She told me to whip it out so she could lick that bitches cum off my cock.. She went at me furiously, until I blew a huge load into her eager mouth…. She spit it back onto my stomach and threw my dick to the floor. She was done. In a way to show…..Ain’t nobody better than her and that’s MY dick….

That led to Round 4 for the night…I passed out exhausted not able to determine fiction from reality… A CRAZY night… maybe not all that nice, but hot and a true story.

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