About Us (Jake & Tori)

We are Tori and Jake and have been together for 4 years in a very loving, supportive, honest and intimate relationship. We are part of a blended family as both of us are divorced. I have a daughter and he has a son and daughter. Together they range in age from 5 to 9 and they are happily integrated into the ups and downs having a blended family.

We live in the suburbs where everything is “quiet and perfect” great neighborhood, a garden in the yard, well-manicured lawn, and the kids are in private schools.

We started this blog as an outlet and a way to show couples it is okay to have “adult fun time” and hopefully provide some insight in our lives and provide helpful tips, tricks and giveaways that you too can enjoy at home.

We both admit to mistakes that we’ve made in the past as individuals and in previous relationships. We both learned some lessons the hard way. But as a result, we were both in a place not to repeat those mistakes and not to settle. We had realized before we met (individually) that we would rather live in reality and not in a “bubble”. Our expectations changed to those of ourselves and not into the “trap” of the outward appearance.

Since this self-actualization occurred, we have been able to live a life that is free, funny, fun, happy and meaningful. We have our challenges, as does every couple. But its unique in how we handle those difficult times. As a result, it makes the fun times more fun and the hot times….well…HOTTER!!!

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