Saturday, July 7, 2012

Erotic Story #1: A Special Moment

So I am sitting here with the back sliding door open and there is a gentle breeze blowing through the house…I am thinking about you and our next meeting on Thursday, which I cant wait for. I actually have the radio on low…the quiet storm is playing and then it starts to rain and I let my mind wander for the moment…back to the other night at my house and the conversations that we have had over the last few days since…you expressing all the things that you want to do to me... I am going to let go for a moment and just be open about my thoughts, wants and desires...

You lean over and kiss me. A light pecks on my lips, on my eyes, a nibble on the ears. I lifted up to meet another kiss, but you pulled my hair aside and kissed the back of my neck. Kissing my neck massaging my shoulder, kissing my back.  Breath quickening your large warm hands made their way to my breast, releasing my heaving breast from within my bra and then taking off my shirt. Massaging and rolling my nipples between your fingers… squeezing. You always know what drives me crazy.  You take my breast in your hand into your mouth rolling your tongue over my nipples.  More light kisses on my back of the neck, my back, down to my ass.  You kissed and nibbled, slapped it firmly.

   You turn me around and standing behind me undid my jeans… and then you guide me to the floor and bend me over… my ass was in the air, the way you like it and then you slapped it..mmmm.  Kissing, nibbling, caressing, and fondling my ass.  You took my black lace throngs off. Then you start to lick my pussy from behind, running your tongue from clit to ass.  Flicking the clit with your tongue, figuring my pussy and ass.  Making me scream and cum over and over.
Out of breath and on my stomach you roll me over, onto my back.  Legs quivering, pussy dripping from the pleasure that you just bestow upon me. 

I was quickly on my knees, wrestling your cock from your pants.  My tongue gliding over your smooth swollen balls.  I wrapped my lips around the head your cock.  Helping you grow even larger as I took you down my throat.  I began to work my cock with your mouth like you had never felt.  Making every motion feel as though you were cumming.  My spit running down your shaft to your balls was cool and soothing, but my hot tongue tracing the trail made you almost cum in my mouth… and you knew at that moment you had to get the attention back on me…

You lower yourself upon spread my legs with yours.  You enter me slowly.  My wet pussy grasping hold of your hard cock.  You penetrate me deeper, and then faster, taking my breath, and making my head spin in pleasure and pain.  Penetrating me harder and faster, lifting my legs over your arms on your chest making my tight pussy even tighter. Harder deeper, making me cum over and over.  I feel the veins in your hard cock pulsating giving me the largest orgasm of my life, filling my pussy with hot juices our juices becoming one, letting my legs go, you kiss me softly on my lips. 

    You lie between my legs, and rest your head on my breast, breathing hard, my legs quivering. Both enjoying the moment that we shared.

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