Sunday, July 15, 2012

Erotic Story #2: The First Meeting

I start by pressing up against you from behind, you feeling the strain on my pants from a rock hard dick just begging to be let out. The sun coming through the window... a long embrace from behind....some gentle kisses. Warmth and moisture rushing to your pussy.

My hands working their way around your body and cupping you breasts from behind. Squeezing them together as you sigh. You know the moment is getting closer. The touch you've been waiting for. Soon enough we shed our clothes and it's skin to skin. We bypass the "set the mood" drink because it won't add anything to the passion that's already there. We need to get the first one out of the way. There will be plenty of time for a cocktail later. 

You undress me and I you. You drop to your knees in front of me and take my manhood into your mouth. So soft and wet and warm and welcoming. I could stay here for and hour watching you stare back at me while giving me pleasure.Long deliberate sucking, changing pace. You disengage only to keep stroking my rod while you talk dirty about you cock sucking. It's filthy and you love it.

You've talked about finishing me off in your mouth for round 1, but this is a last minute change. I want to unleash your pussy and fuck you hard. I lay you back on the couch with one leg skyward and dine on your wetness. It's god damn delicious!!!The perfect shape of your cunt is everything I'm imagined. Now it's time for the plunge. I reposition you on your knees; you are going to get it from behind so you can enjoy all of my length. You get ready and reach through your legs to grip my swollen rod. You bring it right up to your lips and gently part them with my eager head. In one slow motion, I glide through your opening and bury myself into your hips. You gasp as a wave of warmth engorges your pussy. You can feel my prick pulsating with excitement.

Back and forth, slowly at first you take your time to appreciate the feeling you've been yearning for. It feels so fucking good. Gliding in and out the pace picks up. I reach around to grab your breasts and you cover my hands with yours as I do. Locked together you start fucking me back, meeting me with every stroke of your hips. I feel your juices running down my shaft...covering me with your joy. You're whispering your pleasure to me.. now you want me to fuck. You ask me to slip a finger into you ass and I have the perfect view. With the other hand I reach around and rub your clit. Your sucking on your fingers wishing it was a cock and then all your spots would be getting attention. It's getting to be too much and you feel the wave of your first orgasm cumming. It's a hard one and well deserved. I change  my hands now with one one your hips and the other on your should I really pick up the pace.
Your vocal encouragement begs me to pound you from behind. You're working on your second orgasm as you juice releases and starts flowing down your thighs. It's getting to much for me and I'm going to bust soon. Realizing this you start in with the dirty talk.  "Are you gonna cum Baby, Are you going to shoot your cum? Huh, Do you want to shoot your cum? Oh baby I want your cum so bad? Shoot it Baby , shoot your cum... I want it in my mouth... Shoot it in my mouth Baby... cum baby cum baby,, come on....give it to me

With one quick move I pull out, you switch around and offer your mouth to shot after shot of my hot cream. Filling your mouth with my white jizz, you're taking it all down into your mouth. You keep sucking me well after I've given you everything I have...stroking me, licking me, kissing my thighs with your cum-covered tongue.. We collapse, hug and start kissing sharing in what will turns out to be just the beginning of an unbelievable "Sexcapade"

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